Cargo Lift.

We are involve in manufacturing and installation of cargo lifts for small & big industries, shops and warehouses. Our cargo lifts rage covers, big & small capacities, platform lifts, close cabin and open lifts and variety of designs.

Construction Lifts

All types of construction lifts, including open winch type or driven by geared motors can be supplied upon buyers requirement. 

All Lifts.

Scissor lift, building glass cleaning lift, hanging lift, folk lifter, all types of  hand pallet truck / lifter, car parking rotatory lifts shall be available upon buyers need and requirement.

Travel Lifts

Modtec Engineering corporation) has been operational for almost a decade, headed by proficient Syed Imran Sabir and MEC’s team of skilled experts having more than 20 years of experience. Throughout the years, we have devised innovative operations in Cargo lifts and elevator industries in Pakistan. We do manufacturing and Fabrication of complete structure / shell for cargo lifts, doors, installation of control panels, counter weights, booster switches, safe limit switches and magnet switches in all types of lifts. Every state of the art lift/Elevator is adapted and , needed be, customized according to client’s need and desires.

5 person Passenger Lift
Capacity: 1 TON

Origin: Turkey

Type: Fully automatic

Desc: Counter Wweight with traction motor.

2 ton Cargo
Capacity: 2 ton

Origin: Chinese

Type: Fully Automatic

Desc: Counter Weightted with traction motor

Passenger Lifts

Your Passenger Lift for a variety of usage purposes.
1 Ton Cargo Lift
Capacity: 1 Ton

Origin: Pakistan (Local)

Type: Manual

Desc: Hoist machine

2 Ton Cargo Lift
Capacity: 2 Ton

Origin: Local

Type: Winch machine, along with counter weight.

Desc: Fully covered Cargo Lift.

Cargo Lifts

Cargo lifts, for cost – effective prices in Pakistan.