Car Parking Lifts in Pakistan

Rotary parking system is one of the most space-saving systems that allows you to park up to 16 SUVs or 20 sedans in only 2 conventional parking spaces. The system is independent, no parking attendant is required. By inputting a space code or swiping a pre-assigned card, the system can recognize your vehicle automatically and find the faster path to deliver your vehicle down to ground either clockwise or counterclockwise. 


–           Suitable for all types of vehicles

–           Least cover area than other automated parking systems

–           Up to 10 times space saving than traditional parking

–           Quick time of car retrieval

–           Easy to operate

–           Modular and simpler installation, averaging 5 days per system

–           Quiet operation, low noise to neighbors

–           Car protection against dents, weather elements, corrosive agents and vandalism

–           Reduced exhaust emissions driving up & down aisles and ramps looking for a space

–           Optimal ROI and short payback period

–           Possible relocation & reinstallation

–           Wide range of applications including public areas, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and car showrooms, etc.

Main Features.


  • German motor.

SEW brand motor, max 24kw, to ensure stable running and long durability

  • Accurate & stable manufacturing.

Modular design and high-precision equipment enable tolerance <2mm in main structure manufacturing.

  • Robotic Welding.

Robotic welding machines keep each module standard and accurate, and also increase system safety & stability

  • Safe & Flexible Lifting System.

Non-lubricated contact between guide rollers & rail achieves flexible rotation and reduces working noise and power consumption.

  • Three stages & four chains transmission system.

This unique transmission system provides stronger support for system safety and smooth running.

  • High strength alloy steel chains.

The self-developed giant chains, made of alloy steel, have superior high strength, safety factor is no less than 10; and they adopt tin-bronze shaft sleeve and Teflon finishing for smoother rotation and better corrosion performance.

  • Windproof & anti-seismic performance.

Our unique design achieves stability under 10th grade wind and magnitude 8.0 earthquake even when platform moves to top position.

  • Extra safety preventing door open.

A special developed car door stopper is equipped on platforms to protect the ARP system and vehicles from door open during system running in case people are left inside.

  • Intelligent ground loop detector.

Open or shut the door automatically as per system operation status and prevent unauthorized entrance.

  • Retrieval at blackout or power off.

A manual parking & retrieval device are equipped to take your cars safely even at blackout or power off situations.

  • E-charging optional.

Intelligent and uninterruptible fast electric charging system is optional, and super easy to operate.

  • Powder coating.

One of the best rustproof finishing, and rich colors are optional

Mini Rotary Parking
Multiple Module Installation

clockwise and anticlockwise rotation

6, 8 & 14 car parking in the space required for 2.

Double Stacker Car lift System

Easily installed in tight spaces.

Can be installed in garages.

can be fixed with a shelf

Multiple Installtions


Versymmetric Car Lift System.
Easy Installation in Tight car parking spaces.

from 1 ton to 10 tons.

Good ground clearence for vehivles.

First time in Pakistan

We’ve introduced Car parking systems & lifts in such a variety for the first time in Pakistan. Modtec Engineering Corporation is the best material handling company, working in Pakistan.