Single Girder Hoist and Crane.

European, Chines monorail hoists with all accessories and  lifting arrangements.

Double Girder Hoist & Crane.

European, Chines, Turkey and locally Assembled double girder hoists and Open Winches with Accessories and lifting Equipment.

Rail, End Carriages and Gear Motors.

We have fabricated 10 meters to 21 meters double girder bridges with suitable end carriages and all accessories. We use German codes / standards with the help of our Principal to manufacture these bridges. 

Festoon System and PVC Bus Bar

We have Electric Festoon System, PVC Bus Bar, Wire and wireless remote control pendent, electric control panels, Pendent cables and all electrical accessories.

MEC | Cranes, Hoists , lifts & Steel Structures | Pakistan

MEC (Modtec Engineering Corporation) is one of Pakistan most prestigious company dealing in Material Handling equipment. Our services comprises a broad spectrum of Manufacturing, Fabricating, Testing, Maintenance and spares for Double Girder Overhead Crane, Single Girder Overhead Crane, Jib Crane, Gantry Crane, electric hoists, control panels, electrification systems. We also have a wide expertise in Lifts used for both commercial and domestic purposes.

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+92 300 9492090

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+92 423 5480581 

Our Latest Projects

Overhead Cranes

Single & Double Girder Overhead Cranes range from 1 ton up-to 100 tons.

Gantry & Jib Cranes

Gantry Cranes starting from 100-1000 tons. Jib cranes from 0.5 tons.

Hoist & Winch

European, Chinese, Spanish & Local hoists & winches ranging from 1 – 50 tons.

Passenger Lifts

European and Chinese Fabricated Elevators ranging from 1 – 20 tons.

Cargo Lifts

Custom made cargo lifts for outdoors material handling. 1 – 100 tons.


Overhead, Gantry & Jib cranes. Lifts and elevators. Repair & Maintenance

Steel Structures

Multi gauge, Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, Sheds & Marquee. 

Car Parking Systems

Automated Vertical Car Parking System, customized according to needs.  

Overhead Crane, hoist and Parking lifts in Pakistan

Overhead single and double girder crane in Pakistan. Situated in Lahore, Modtec Engineering Corporation prides itself in having expertise in material lifting equipment. MEC has demonstrated proficiency in material handling equipment (electric hoists, winches, lifts). We have wide variety of overhead cranes both single and double girder cranes namey: Demag cranes (German) , G.H Cranes (Spain) , kuhnezug cranes (German) and variety of Chinese brands. For the FIRST TIME in Pakistan, We also introduced Vertical car parking lifts in Pakistan.