Electric Wire Hoists

Spares and parts for electric and hoists are available. The parts and spares for hoists and block chains consist of wire ropes, control panel, chains, gears, rope guide, cable reel, drum brake are some of the few parts used in electric hoists and block chains. Installation and certified load testing facilities are also available.

  • A wide range of spans can be realized
  • Electric hoists range spanning from 1 ton to 100 tons are available.
  • Hoists and block chains have prolonged life with low running costs.
  • Variable speed controls are embedded into the lifting equipment.


Double Girder Wire Rope Hoist

Capacity: 25 Ton

Brand: BalkancarPodem


Single Girder Rope Hoist

Capacity: 3 Ton

Brand: Balcankar Podem


Our projects

Single & Double Grider Cranes. Projects in Pakistan. 

Counter Weight Single Girder Hoist

Capacity: 3 Ton

Brand: Balkancar Podem

Double Girder Hosit

Capacity: 20 Ton

Brand: Balcankar Podem

Hoists & Winches

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